Trekpay Admin Cheating??Using Its Members To increase Adsense Earnings??

trekpay - trekpay is one of the newest website in the internet.
June 20, 2009 6:49am CST
We all know that trekpay is considered as one of the controversial sites in the internet world today. Many is curious on how does the work sites, and how a member will earn from the site. At first when itwas introduced to me, I was amazed and even be a part of it. As the procedure of the site, for you to earn money, you just have to visit one website and you are required to click at least one ad that interest you for you to earn credits. If you are going to analyze, what ads you are clicking is ads coming from google adsense. And we are all aware that when an ad from google adsense is being hit by one person, it generates income. I have heard also that other members earne around 400 credits and they just get only 40 cents. Isn't it sound unfair for those members?What do you think? Do you think the site is cheating to each members?And to google adsense as well?What is your idea on this?But still on what has happened?I'm still going to continue my membership with them. Hope as what other says, they are legitimate site.
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• India
21 Jun 09
They are a legit site and do pay their member. What they are doing is not right but they have to make profit too don't they. I mean they made the site and introduced the concept. Its only fair they make profit through. Atleast they aren't scamming people
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