Spoiler for Grey's Anatomy

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June 20, 2009 10:40am CST
Don't read this if you don't want to know anything about the season's cliffhanger until the new season starts!!! -------------------------------------------- I was on Yahoo yesterday, and I saw that Katherine Heigl WILL be back as Izzy. It looks like T.R. Knight WILL NOT be back. So my guess is that the elevator doors will close, and the docs will bring Izzy back. It could go a couple of ways, like them replacing Knight as George since his face is all messed up. But I'm guessing that they won't replace him. Bye, George. It's been fun! So, at the end of last season, when the elevator doors opened and Gorge and Izzy saw each oter, I think that will be where it picks up again, only they will close, leaving George dead and Izzy alive (at least for now.)
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@saw2207 (1363)
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22 Jun 09
oh how I am missing Grey's Anatomy .. . I read the same thing yesterday . . but who knows what will happen till it happens .. . news keeps us all interested while we have nothing new to see from them . .. such teases . .. and that elevator and poor Izzy . .seems as if alot of stuff happens to her in elevators! Lotting !
@clutterbug (1051)
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20 Jun 09
Hi wickedstepma, I was really stopped in my tracks when I watched that season ender, it was an awesome ending. And now, reading what you posted is interesting too (I like spoiler's, I occasionally read books from back to front). Getting back to last season, when I learned that George was the guy with the messed up face, my heart dropped, and I was speechless. The writers for this show are the best at keeping us on the edge of our seats. Thanks for posting this.