Is Valuebux a scam site?

@marguicha (101930)
June 20, 2009 2:20pm CST
I have tried to trade this site as I want to join it but it seems noone is interested in trading. Iondering if it is a scam site and that´s why it has so little interest. On the other hand, it says it´s the new neobux. Could it be that? What do you think? Are you afraid of joining it?
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• United States
8 Jul 09
Valuebux is a scam. In past few days admin disabled request payment, hasn;t been active at all on forum, had a 4th of july contest didn't announce winner for two days and the winners were not registered members to forum. Even one of the moderators said he hasn't heard from admin. DO NOT JOIN VALUEBUX. If you are member I would try to dispute any purchases you made there to try and get your money back
• Nepal
24 Jun 09
I dont think value bux is a scam I just receivd my first payments from value bux. Its great seee that proof here
@qiyunhai (254)
• China
20 Jun 09
it could be,ar least it is scam for chinese as i have get nothing since i require money two month ago
• India
20 Jun 09
Valuebux is a reliable and paying site. That is what most of the people say about it. I have joined valuebux just a couple of days ago so I do not know whether it pays or not but going by what majority people say it seems to be a genuine site which can be trusted