How many of you would like to win the lottery ???????????????????????

United States
June 20, 2009 6:38pm CST
If I won the lottery I would buy my self a moter home and go travel for awhile and then I would buy my self a small little house with a fence in yard and open up my own child care business to keep money flowing in I would not let any one know I won. I would not even want them to display my name as a winner. so now its turn what would you do ???????????
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@Poison_Girl (4163)
• United States
21 Jun 09
Nah, I wouldn't want to win the lottery. I enjoy the stress of having no money and having to pay bills, buy food, and other things. I also enjoy not having the option of traveling because I have no money. And I love not being able to do the things I enjoy just because I have no money. Don't you? I thought everyone loved having no money and the stress that comes along with it.
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@schulzie (4064)
• United States
24 Jun 09
I would love to win the lottery. I would love to be able to pay off all my bills, pay off a house, buy houses for each of my 4 kids, pay for their college educations, buy new cars for me and my husband, and a car for each child. I would also like a little bit to put in the bank so I don't have to worry about my retirement. If I got a super huge prize in the millions then I would help out my family and friends too. Oh to dream... My husband spends $10 per week on Lottery tickets and the most we have won was like $15. Oh well, you can't win if you don't play.. Have a great day and happy myLotting!!!
@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
21 Jun 09
oh how i wish! if i win, i will buy house & lot for me and my family, a car, invest some and i will buy lots of jewelries for investment, put some in bank...and give some to church (but i am wondering if God will accept that money...hehhehe) i also don't want my name to be published as a winner and i don't want many people to know for it might put my life at risk! hehhee but i think it will not be possible coz i don't even bet on it! but its still nice to day dream...sometimes!
• Canada
21 Jun 09
I would love to win the lottery. the minute I win, I'm going to buy a limo, and hire a good friend of mine to drive it. Neither my husband nor myself have drivers licences, so a personal driver would be a wondeful thing for both of us to have.