Love Defination

November 12, 2006 10:57am CST
on LOVE*** (c) What does it take to love? Promise, Security, Sentiment, Agitation, Craving, Delight, Responsibility, Zest, Passion, Affection, Concern, Devotion, Attraction, Respect, Faith, Confidence, Hope, Loyalty, Honour, Trust, Commitment, Warmth, Worship, Reverence, Sensibility, Fire, Admiration, Tenderness, Harmony, Obsession. (c) There is a difference between saying, "I love you", and saying, "I *Love*You". (c) It's true that Love is blind. …. That's why I hold your hand all the time. (c) Love is the sole reason for living and the sole purpose of life. (c) If a man thinks love has left him, he become desperate. (c) We are able to live only if there is love. (c) Love flows from us through our eyes, through our minds, but we are not experience it. To experience love, we must go inside. (c) When you experience real love, you get into a state, which is beyond words. Your tongue doesn't function any longer and you aren't able to say anything to anyone. You are filled with a joy that goes beyond all emotions. (c) To attain love, you have to become love. Only a lover can attain love. If you remain different from love you will never attain it. (c) We do not experience love because we look for it where it is not. (c) True love is free from limitation. It doesn't know high from low, man from woman, friend from enemy. True love is an impulse, which wells up independently from within. (c) It is essential to love your own self. (c) Love is beautiful gift to be given always enriching the life of two people each day. (c) There are so many things to love you for… but the truth is that the thing I love most about you is just the mere fact that you're you. (c) Love is small word but it contains everything. (c) Love is the happiness of today and the promise of tomorrow. (c) Love lives on forever and ever. (c) Love preservers if tended with care. (c) Love expressed by little gestures of affection. (c) Love is an emotion that deepens with devotion. (c) Love is sweet mystery, an endless voyage of discovery. (c) True love is a gift that given away, not just ones, but day by day. (c) Love's meaning is the secret of life. (c) Love cannot be defined in words. (c) Love is feeling by heart. (c) Love is sharing secrets and being together. (c) Love is what makes every day so beautiful. (c) The language of love is sometimes spoken, in comfortable silence. (c) Love is priceless little gift from the rest storehouse of life. (c) Love is an everlasting truth. (c) Love is a wonderful feeling. (c) To attain love, you have to become in love. (c) Love cannot be measured, only treasured. (c) Love is an unspoken promise of trust. (c) Love abides in two hearts, which one true to one another. (c) Love makes life more meaningful and complete. (c) Love is a pleasure untold. (c) Love is worm and tender embrace. (c) Love is zest, which cannot be expressed. (c) Love is finding yourself is another's heart. (c) True love gives without seeking. (c) Love grows deeper, richer and more beautiful with time. (c) Love is the language that ever hearts speaks. (c) Love is dream and making dream true. (c) Love is an inexplicable emotion. (c) True love is forever love. (c) Love is the strongest feeling known. (c) Love is song, which binds two hearts. (c) Love is fire that never ends. (c) Love is gentle, love is kind, love is when two lives combine. (c) Love is sincere, pious and pleasant, generous, strong, faithful and patient. (c) Love is the reason to live. (c) Love speaks a common language. (c) True love is something spiritual and rear. (c) Love needs no explanation, only expressions. (c) Love is sharing dreams and making them real. (c) Love is being what you are and accepting what the other is. (c) Love means tenderness and caring. (c) Love makes each day more exciting. (c) Love is a beautiful gift to be given away. (c) Love is the world made fresh and new. (c) Love is flower its beauty touches the lives of those who hold it. (c) Love is place one's happiness, in the happiness of another. (c) Love is god with purity. (c) Love is comfort and true joy. (c) Love is concert between two souls. (c) Love is an all-encompassing passion. (c) Love is a single soul that dwells is two bodies. (c) Love is gentle heat. (c) Love is power of attraction. (c) Love means sharing the same road, whenever it leads. (c) Love come in gently unannounced and changes two lives forever. (c) Love is warm affection. (c) Love is special dream come true. (c) Love is never-ending romance. (c) The beauty of love is a joy forever. (c) Love is gentle treasure of life. (c) Love is promise with security and respect. (c) Love like a flower, it buds with gestures of tender care and blooms. (c) When two people are bound in love their happiness known no bounds. (c) Love is responsibility with faith. (c) Love is something genuine and true. (c) Love is lullaby of vibrant ecstasy. (c) Love is commitment with confidence. (c) Love fills over lives with beauty and grease. (c) Love is feeling that sets the heart reeling. (c) Love is free from limitations. (c) Love is sentiments – feel it. (c) Love and praise, love and worship, grow side by side.
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12 Nov 06
love is unexplainable!