As a woman,which part in your body can satisfy you?which part is not?

@wzsj0501 (157)
June 20, 2009 9:01pm CST
I am a woman, I like my eyes,it is big and beautiful as a double-eye. I like my hand,which is small and facility. I like my foot,which is also small and cute. I like my skin,which is tender and smash. I like my hair,which is complaisance and healthy. BUT there are some part cannot satisfy me,such as my stature,which is not length and thin enough my lips,whichi is not thin enough my wrinkle when I laugh,why I have wrinkle in only 24th? It is me.what about you?
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• China
22 Jun 09
Hi there. I also have such thoughts everyday. Because I am a perfectionist, I can not name any part of my body to be perfect. I always find them far from good enough to please me. However, I am content with the whole image of myself, I mean the feeling or impression I give to others. I'm tall and slim, with sweet smile on my face, also the smart light shining in my eye. You know there are some people who look pretty,but don't impress other for a particular part of their body. Perhaps her eyes are not big enough,or her face is not small, but she looks beautiful out of the body those parts combined. I am not going to boast nacissism, but everyone should learn to appreciate themselves before they praise others.