Before, during and after an abortion

@maximax8 (27048)
June 21, 2009 5:26am CST
I imagine that a lady of 20 years old that finds she has an unwanted pregnancy would be very upset about it. She might find out a little after the time she has missed a period that would be 4 to 5 weeks pregnancy. She would have a lot of thinking about and she would have an emotional time deciding on aborting her baby. She would have an abortion but that day might be the worst in her life. After the abortion she might feel severe regret and years later get really depressed. She might meet a man sometime later get married at age 27. She might get pregnant so go to see her midwife and have to mention she had a abortion when she was 20. She might have her baby and that would bring back thoughts about the baby she lost through abortion. Do you think girls and ladies have an abortion without thinking about afterwards? What could be some likely things that might happen in their future?
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@candy2306 (577)
• India
21 Jun 09
hello maximax8, my colleague went through an abortion last week. she's been married for 7 months now and she wanted a baby. 6 weeks ago she conceived. than there was this little quarrel bewteen her husband and her. she took her own decision to abort the baby to hurt her husband forgetting it's also her child. now she's crying every single day thinking of her stupidity! what's the point? it's too late.
@maximax8 (27048)
21 Jun 09
Hello Candy 2306. I know that in pregnancy a lady can feel emotional. Your colleague had an argument with her husband then had their baby aborted so that was harsh. She will probably never get over the regret. I wonder if their marriage will take the strain. The clock can't be turned back.
• United States
7 Jul 09
I am pro-choice, but that doesn't mean that I think every time someone has an abortion it is justified. Someone who has six abortions is just being irresponsible. Abortion should be a last resort, not an easy quick choice. Paying attention to what you want out of life and being proactive about it would prevent regrets about the choices you make.
24 Jun 09
I know you start discussions on abortion quite a lot so I presume it is close to your heart so I don't want to appear tactless but, I believe that although it is never forgotten some women may never regret it especially if it was not the right time for them no matter what age they were. I sometimes think people who are pregnant to circumstances such as being attacked may actually feel worse as they may be women who do not believe in abortion say but, feel it is for the best because of the circumstances if that makes sense? I don't mean it is any less harder for those who have become pregnant to a loved one say and choose not to keep the pregnancy going but, I just mean they obviously have different reasons that are not governed say by a horrible experience. If I offend in any way I just want to say I don't mean to cause offence but, it is a little hard to put into words what I quite mean without it sounding awful!! x