have you ever heard the parable of the kite?

June 21, 2009 10:29am CST
It is said that on one windy day in March a man watched a boy flying his kite. It seemed to the man, as he watched, that he could hear the kite speaking: "How wonderful it is to soar into the blue sky! It is thrilling beyond words. But if only that little boy would cut the string that is holding me back, I would soar higher than any kite has ever gone. What an annoying, vexing thing is that string!" "But , poor foolish kite," the man said in his mind, "don't you realize that if the string is cut you will crumple and fall to the ground? The thing that holds you back also holds you up!"
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@Trensue (5253)
• United States
21 Jun 09
I had never heard the parable before. I am interested in hearing your interpretation of the parable. How does it apply in our lives today? What do you think we can all learn from this? I think it a great little story. Do you know the origin?
21 Jun 09
The parable was sent to me in 1993 by an elderly friend. The meaning is diverse but all point towards same direction. The string is anyone who is responsible for our life; parents, mentors etc. Sometimes, we feel the advise which these people give is a setback, we ponder on questions like: Why can't I be left to run my life the way I want? Who says I am not responsible enough to know what to do? Why do I need to seek their opinion before I take a step? We feel we would soar higher if we are let alone, how fufilled we would be if let alone- we thought. Some turn their back on their parents - especially the adolescents and youth - they want to live the "free life style". We mostly do not consider that "those people" we feel are restraining us by their advise and counsel, are actually the ones that will keep us going.
@tomcat23 (623)
• Old Forge, Pennsylvania
21 Jun 09
Its the first time I've heard it and I'm glad you posted it. It is so true! We as people need the same "guidance" to keep our lives in order.