How did you feel while you got your first child???

@srikool (936)
June 21, 2009 10:42am CST
here in my home my sister in law got all are so happy...while taking scan we saw how that babe is like to know some mothers mind..and their happiness..
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@sublime03 (1811)
• Philippines
21 Jun 09
While my first child was still in my tummy, I have to admit I love kids so much that when I learnt that I was pregnant I got so excited. Even if I knew how hard it was to keep a child it never came into mind of anything but to have my very own child. When I saw my son for the very first time, I felt pure joy and happiness. It is true when they say that giving birth is the happiest day of a womans life. He made me gasp for air, excited that I will spend the rest of my life with my own little boy. To whom I can share my dreams and pass on everything I have learned from my parents as well as from my brothers. Basically i felt pure joy and happiness when I got my son.
• United States
21 Jun 09
Congratulations for your sister in laws baby! Babies are amazing blessings and bring such joy to a home. Until my daughter was born, I did not know real joy. Everything before she was born was so fake and temporary. I thought that I was happy, but that was usually cause I was watching TV, eating or spending money. Those things are temporary. The love of a child is forever. Moms are very lucky people! The first time I held my daughter in my arms (on the operating table after my C-section), I cried tears of joy. I smiled so hard that I cried! Can you imagine? I have never been so happy as that moment. Of course, since then, I've had many happy moments. I'm truly blessed.