It CAN happen to you!

United States
June 21, 2009 1:32pm CST
I have been at my job for just over 2 years. I started there as soon as I graduated college. I have always been in a temporary position, but I was never worried. I learned a long time ago that 'temporary' where I work doesnt always mean you wont be there for long. After all, I have already been a temporary for more than 2 years! My current contract was set to expire in July. I was assured many times not to worry about it. In fact, 3 weeks ago, I was told everything was good to go. I was relieved to know that I had a job for another year. Then on Thursday, I found out that they had, in fact, lied to me. My contract was not being extended. My last day at my job will be next month! I now have 1 month to find a new job or join the ranks of the unemployed. In all honesty, my boss was a royal pain in the butt to work for, so I wont miss her for a second! I will miss that paycheck though. I am just thankful that my husband and I have been putting money aside, just in case. Have you lost your job? How did you find out that you wouldnt have a job anymore? Are you worried about losing your job?
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@kaka135 (14055)
• Malaysia
7 Jul 09
Have you got a new job yet? I had the similar experience in my first job, it's a permanent job. The company was running down, and it has started the retrenchment process a few months before I left. The retrenchment went from one department to another department, more than 100 employees have been retrenched. We kept asking our manager if our department would face the same problem, he kept telling us not to worry as our department is the only team who is doing the quality assurance job, hence we would not be retrenched. Suddenly, one day we were just told that we were retrenched, and there was another month for us to leave the company. The manager just said that he only knew the news on that morning, but all of us didn't believe him. I was not so worrying about losing the job, as I always think there are many job opportunities out there. Also, I already planned to quit the job, if I was not retrenched, perhaps I would tender the resignation letter a few months later too.
@Hucheng (163)
• China
22 Jun 09
Congratulations! You will living a totally different life. Just enjoy instead of crying.