Can we stop with the "more media attention than" discussions?

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June 21, 2009 6:46pm CST
Since long before the last Presidential Primaries, a great deal of political posts here on MyLot have focused on one side or the other complaining about media attention for a given issue. Can't we clear this up right here: First, we don't all watch the same media outlets and none of us see everything. Second, we approach the issues with our already biased minds leaving each of us to feel what is most important to us is not being treated well enough. The idea that one story is getting undue attention is subjective and needlessly divisive. It is also tactically illogical to draw any attention to an issue that you believe should be receiving less attention! Can we, for the sake of my sanity, agree to phrase these media fears a little differently? Or get all your friends together to monitor every news media to record minutes (for tv/radio) and words (for print media) and compare length of stories each day, length versus number of days since the story broke, length versus similar stories on different channels (outlets), etc. Then, after all that, I can tell you why those numbers will be meaningless as well! Somebody save me.
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@anniepa (27238)
• United States
23 Jun 09
I guess you've left everyone at a loss for words! I happen to agree with you. We don't all watch the same media outlets and none of us could possibly see everything yet it sure does seem like those who dislike a particular network know everything that's ever shown on that network. There are some who post regularly to this interest who refuse to accept any source that doesn't reflect their personal ideology. For the most part that means if it isn't from the "right" it's not! Annie
@jb78000 (15173)
23 Jun 09
well i've noticed that even the really right wing fox news can actually be trusted not to make things up, most of the media does put a spin on things so i think you have to read between the lines most of the time. i usually look at the bbc for fairly sensible and relatively unbiased information. in the uk we have some ridiculous newspapers but i don't think most people take them very seriously