When old friends add you as a friend on Myspace

United States
June 21, 2009 7:47pm CST
I have this guy that I used to be friends with . We were really close and then he went to rehab ( I might also mention that he wasn't going to go until I helped presuade him to go .) I saw that he was on myspace so I sent him a message to add him as a friend and he sent me a message two minutes later asking that I add him as a friend ..now he treats me like I'm a stalker and always gets off when I am online . I think it is pretty retarded for a person to add you as a friend and then not talk to you - I am just not going to talk to him . I mean i was always there for him and now he adds me as a friend and ignores me --- pretty immature - whatever lol
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
22 Jun 09
Sometimes it is not them avoiding you at all. But just the times you and him are logging in and logging out. I log in and out of many different things on and off through out the day.. I had some that thought I was avoiding them, or I thought they were avoiding me.. Turned out it was nothing more than bad timing and no one was trying to avoid anyone else at all... Just after you state hello, Ask if they are busy?... Sometimes we forget they maybe busy or multitasking and start to ramble away to them.. and then they close the window so they are not distracted from what other thing they are doing after they realise they forgot to close the window.. and are not aware that you maybe still on. Just drop and email and ask him what times would be best to just talk for awhile. - DNatureofDTrain
• United States
22 Jun 09
lol...i saw my ex today which happens to be his friend and all he was trying to do was get info out of me for my ex --- just deleted him ...thank you for your comforting message though ---much appreciated - have a great night I am over ...my gut was telling me not to trust this guy again - should have just listened to it :)