June 21, 2009 11:58pm CST
what game is most popular in the world and from which Console? I think the most popular game in the world is "Final Fantasy' from the PS one, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PC
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@flaredust (728)
• Indonesia
22 Jun 09
Yes, I go with you too, Final Fantasy is the most respected game on RPG genre especially if we talking about playstation and playstation 2 console. Who doesn't know Final Fantasy? All RPG player will absolutely played it or at least know something about it, even player who doesn't have interest on RPG also know about it too. I have a nice memory about Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX. Actually I started to know about RPG is because watching my friend playing it, first time I saw it, it's kinda boring walking around game, but when the time flow and I follow the story line, it's like I'm absorbed in it, I could feel the characters happiness, sadness and anger. I also like the CG movie of it, it's look so amazing, how "SquareEnix" materialize their imagination of an environment, and how detail it is, really perfect.
• United States
4 Dec 09
I definitely do think that Final Fantasy games are one of the most popular games known on the playstation systems. I think that Halo would have to be a pretty big one on the XBox systems.
• Indonesia
15 Aug 09
Hi rcrachman.. I completely agree with you, Final fantasy is the most popular game in the world. Because there are some part that have been released for many consoles, that makes this game perfect known by every gamers.