Are you addicted to Shopping? BUDGET LIMITS

June 22, 2009 6:59am CST
For some people shopping is an addiction. They plan their shopping budget and when they go for shopping they would pick up so many things that goes beyond the budget. So why plan in the first place? Do you always keep up the budget plan when you shop? have you experienced a temptation for buying something when you do not have enough money in you pocket? Do you borrow money From your friends to buy that thing right away? Or would you just tell yourself that, "that thing is not for ME", and go home with disappointment . Do you use your Credit card at the time of purchase and get sick when you have to pay the bill? Normally while shopping using credit card would be so wonderful, so we would get whatever we life, but when the bank tells you to pay, you would have forgotten the pleasure you had when you made the purchase? Please discuss if you have such weird experience! thanks
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@kabudel (175)
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
SHOPPING is great! But it's not really practical to make that a hobby right now. Since we're mostly in crisis, with the recession and everything, it is best to shop for the necessities only. I use the credit card ONLY if NEEDED and purchase items that will be used for years. For me, making a "needs" list before going out shopping works. Temptations' everywhere, its just a matter of courage to fight them off. It's better to have a fat bank than to have it depleted because of buying the "wants".
• India
23 Jun 09
yeah, we need to be more careful in managing our money, particularly this recession time. it seems like you do are well planned and knows how to prioritize your need. that is a huge plus. Good luck! thanks for responding!
• Philippines
26 Jun 09
I have a budget for's good that I buy secondhand and vintage clothes because they're lovely and cheap.I rarely go beyond my budget when's a good thing buying great clothes in low prices.