life after marriage ????????

November 12, 2006 11:46am CST
Happy or not happy .
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@vipul20044 (5798)
• India
12 Nov 06
The first year is the hardest, because you are always wondering if what you did was really what you wanted to do. Expectations are high, and when they are not always met you feel somewhat disappointed. You think it will bring you closer to have that certificate- and when you realize it still feels basically the same, you feel like what was the point. You start to overanalyze and second guess everything each other does. Communication is key. If you make it through that trial, you start to settle in and it gets more comfortable as time goes on. If you are lucky, you do get closer and closer, and fall more deeply in love with the one you married. Marriage takes lots of work. If one person is putting more into it than the other person, then the other person feels resentful, and things can go downhill from there. If you two are truly in love, and willing to deal with anything that is thrown your way- as well as the good stuff, then marriage can make you feel secure and fulfilled. Here are some things in marriage that change: *You start to relax-mostly your style! (think sweats and t-shirts) *You start to feel like you have more reason to be pissed when he checks out other girls!! (unless you've been married for like ever-at which point you hardly notice anymore-so I'm told) *less alone time (for things like checking out your pores in the magnifying mirror and such-he's always barging in when he needs to pee or whatever.) *Your problems become each others problems 'cause you gotta live with each other and hear about these things.( can make you both stronger in your relationship to provide each other with such sincere support-which is necessary.) *constantly negotiating and compromising over who's turn it is to do this or that. *attempting to not sweat the small stuff ("you said you were gonna do the dishes!" he replies " I did do them. I was just soaking the rest! " and then he forgets all about them, ( or just pretends to) so you end up doing them because you're tired of looking at them. Then you feel all resentful about that-but you gotta get over it because this will never change! marriage can be a number of things. It can be bad. It can be good. It can be boring. It can be exciting. It can be annoying. It can be entertaining. It can be distant, it can be close. It can make you mad, or sad, or happy. Marriage will not be one or the other of any of the above mentioned things. It will be a combination of them all.
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20 Dec 06
very honest, yet humurous protrayal of marriage. i really enjoyed reading it. i agree with you on the most part, it can be heaven or hell. but you basiclaly have to accept the fact that their is no perfect partner, everyone has their vices, so you have to look at their positive qualities, not focus on the negative ones.
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19 Jan 07
I don't know. Because i am a unmarried person. But i think sometimes very happy for marriage after life. Sometimes very boring for marriage after life.