What's your favorite indie film?

June 22, 2009 7:35am CST
Well for me in my country that would be "Tiny Voices" where best supporting actress alessandra de rossi starred as a dedicated barrio teacher and she teaches young kids even though their parents don't want their kids to go to school because there's no one to help them in the farm.. i think this movie is light but has very deep moral story.. it talks about the essence of being a teacher, it illustrates poverty and the value of education, and the hope in our dreams despite factors like poverty.. I haven't watched "Kinatay" yet, an indie film which won the Cannes Film Festival but I really would love to watch it since it's full of controversy.. Many critics hate it, but it still won the festival.. What do you think?
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@allen0187 (34149)
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
i actually have four favorite indie films at the moment. these are "pisay", "my fake american accent", "tribu", and "endo". i have other favorites but these four are what comes to mind when i read your discussion. i've been trying to get copies of these movies but so far i have yet to see an original dvd copy of any of the films i've mentioned. i've seen "pirated" copies although i have my doubts in getting "pirated" ones. anyway, i always try my best to catch at least one or two indie movies at robinson's cinemas since it is the only theater that regularly shows these kinds of movies. i just hope that these movies release dvd copies so it is possible to watch these movies over and over again!!! cheers!!!