Are God and Love the same thing?

June 22, 2009 8:11am CST
They both represent salvation. Love must have come first, the primal instinct, the one that drives everything else, so is God anthropomorphic love? Is the burning desire to see salvation for yourself and the ones around you based entirely upon that emotion? Do they both exist as pillars of hope? Both ubiquitous, both eternal. They both promise everything, they are both felt stronger than anything else, yet avoid description that is common to any two people, everyone knows what they are and yet nobody does. The two are historically intertwined, the great benevolence with the great joy, provider of all that we value and the post powerful things people know. People die for both, people kill for both. People value both beyond all others, and to anyone who believes they are in the presence of either they are interchangable, neigh un-differentiable.
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