unbelievable experience, which lead you to a mission

@hofame (11)
June 22, 2009 8:40am CST
I was in Washington DC, to attend a business symposium. I was their to see what business I could generate or finance I could get for my new business. I went alone and really did not know anyone there. As it turned out I meet individuals whom seemed helpful and we were able to hangout together. I needed to get to NY so I decided to take the 3am amtrak train to NY. Tired after a long day, I just wanted to sit back and sleep. Then I got a thought. I did not have a pen so I turn on the laptop to write my thought. What happen then was I began writing, writing tirelessly all through the night. What was more amazing I wrote about topics I never knew about but it sounded right. I could not sleep and continued to write until I return back to Washington the next day. When I finished I forward the report to my trusted colleague for review. His response surprise me since he wanted to know who wrote it. It need very little in corrections and everything was gramatically correct. What a shock since this has never been the case in 25 years. What came after was more fascinating. The next several weeks everything I mentioned in the report was addressed and mentioned in articles published in major newspapers. Professors, experts, journalist, all touch on some part of the report I written. Today that report is the center of a movement for healthcare reform. So I believe this is now my mission. Although the odd are against me, I am going against a political machine, lobbyists, and alike who have the money to crush anything in their way. So should I continue or give up this mission. The fact is I reach a cross road and cannot fund this any longer. What do you think?
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• Kottayam, India
27 Jun 09
you have a mission that your vision.