Difference in opinions due to different life experiences

@skim40 (60)
United States
June 22, 2009 9:53am CST
I had just recently been in a conversation with my boyfriend about family ties. I don't believe in "blood is thicker than water" type bonds. I grew up in a very broken family that holds no sense of loyalty but feels entitled to everything. So of course, I don't have much loyalty towards my family because I truly believe that they can stab me in the back without a moments hesitation. My boyfriend on the other hand has been born into a family with much love and loyalty and believes in the strong bonds of families. He doesn't understand how I can quickly say that I can turn my back on my family if they happen to stab me in the back. With such a difference in opinion, will this relationship work in the long run?
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@cristis12 (125)
• United States
22 Jun 09
Wow This Conversation Hits close to home Since me and My Boyfriend has had a Similar debate type connversation, Well See I grew up in a family where my mom was giving all of us the Love and Affection we needed bu My dad Selected only some of us to show his love (which i wasnt One of the selected) so I have alot of emtional issues when it comes to needing affection love and attention from my boyfriend now, And my boyfriend grew up In a family where he was abused in almost always as a young child and he got love from his real father instead of his mother, but we both know that If our family needs us for a good reason or because somethng serious happened we will be there for them and for eachother and maybe that is something you and your boyfriend can agree on too! I believe your relationship will work out just dont let little things stand in the way try your best to understand eachother and be grateful and appreciate the family you do have because you never know what you have till its gone!! i hope everything works out and this has helped a little!! Crissy (happy mylotting)