Courtesy in Criticism

June 22, 2009 10:39am CST
Criticism. Constructive criticism. Destructive criticism. This is one of the greatest need of the modern man. Criticism is socially seen as fault finding disapproval, or objection. In destructive you find fault, stress faults, errors, or demerits. In it you point out wrong. The question is how do you do it? in life Discuss face to face and settle our difference....were face to face will not be possible .... Our voice is easier heard and our opinions and views accepted when its is seen that we are criticizing to build up and not to tear down... How you do it?
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• Philippines
23 Jun 09
I see criticism in two ways; is to serve as inspiration and a destroyer of a person personality. I see criticism as positive criticism that will inspire anybody to move or to take an action to achieve his or her goals in life. You may feel irritate as you receive comments or feedback. But, don't stop moving, because someone comments in your performance as something weak or sloppy. You will certainly benefits knowing that you know your limit and you have hidden power to transform yourself and making simple things or ideas into something big. This transformation will be visible to your colleague and will be appreciate. The other way around is the so called, destructive criticism. I myself called it as destroyer of a person confidence. Some people are happy to talks dirty and will see you as something they will use as sort of entertainment. Whenever you go to a parties or having your own day. They will directly or remarks you or insult you. Thus, some people who are weak are easily disappointed and turn away from them. And , suddenly stop their battle toward success.