Has Anyone Ever....

United States
June 22, 2009 11:34am CST
Has anyone here ever invested the money you've earned through MyLot into the stock market? I was thinking about doing that and see how it goes. If you have, were you able to make any money from doing so?
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22 Jun 09
I don't think now is probably the best time to put money in it, but then again it's money that has a different kind of meaning to if you have gone out to work all day and need it to get buy. I recon if you know your stuff you may be able to make alot the way things are at the moment, either that or it's going to go really bad! But as I said, it's like a different kind of money. I am yet to decide what I am going to spend my money on when I get my first payout but I think I might save it up untill I can think of something particular to spend it on