Please help me!

November 12, 2006 12:03pm CST
With a dogtired feeling of day well lived and huge pile of work finished I drove my Mini on the desolate road with few streetlights struggling to fight the foggy darkness of a starless night. I promised to pick her around 11pm but the long traffic snarl at the exit route of city took three hours. All my efforts to call were aborted due to jammed lines and now when I was on highway she was not picking up the phone. I swerved my car into the short road leading to her roadside inn and moved it into the parking lot. A car suddenly lunged at me, went into reverse and then drove away throwing pebbles from the tyres. Stupid drunks! I thought and went to the lounge where she usually is. The place had the look of celebration which was just over. She was not in her chair I walked into isle and went to bar. It was closed. Through the glass pane in the door I saw her sitting with her back to the door. The bar smelled diffently from its usual smell. I could not realize this another smell in the smoke filled bar. I called her out and went to her chair. ‘I’m sooooooooo sorry.’ I said and reached for her hands on the arms rests. She was staring at the ceiling crazily. Why she has to act tough now I thought. No something is eerie in the way she was staring. She was not blinking; she was not acknowledging the surroundings, me, she is acting as if she is lifeless. Lifeless???????? Ohhhhhhhhhhh myGaaaaaaaaaaawd! I cried out her name Jessieeeeeee! And clutched her hand. She rolled lifelessly over me. At the end of the bar I saw two men disappear when they saw me looking in their direction. ………………………. Now you tell what next?
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