Feline Leukemia

Oreo - My cat, Oreo. She died from Feline leukemia on jan 6th 2009 at 6:15pm. She died in my arms. She was only 6 years old.
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June 22, 2009 2:41pm CST
So i had a cat, Oreo who i got as a kitten from the streets. She had all her shots and was even vaccinated against leukemia but when we took in a stray kitten we didn't know that she was infected...and infected Oreo. Oreos developed faster...for well the stray still hasn't shown any symptoms but considering our other cat was born into the home, and her mom, and her mom, so on so forth. Well when Oreo got sick her lymph nodes enlarged and i flipped cause i thought it was throat cancer(my rhodesian ridgeback had to be put down cause of this) so my grandpa sent me the money to get her checked out. We went to the vets and they said, and i quote 'well give her this antibiotics till its gone and she'll be fine' this was back before december..round october last year. Well she kept getting worse, and since our van was broke i had no way to get her to the vets. My sister came up and she'd worked as a kennel tech, training to be a vet tech and said 'Oreo looks like the cats that came in with leukemia...she probably has it. If she does, shes gonna die theres nothing you can do' well that was around x-mas. Then on jan 6th, at 6:15 pm when i was wiping her down with salt water to help with her fleas, cause i didnt wanna put flea dip on her..she was so weak...and skinny. She couldnt walk...and you could see her bones... i had to carry her everywhere, she wouldnt eat either and felt like she had a fever. Well..when i was wipin her down, she went into convulsions and died in my arms..despite my attempts to revive her. My sister suggested sueing the vet because she said that they should have checked for leukemia considering how she looked when she went to the vet, her fur was oily and matted(she was a short hair). So what do ya'll think? Was the vet in the wrong or was it just unfortunate that oreo did in fact have leukemia even though she was suppose to be protected from it by vaccine?
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@ElicBxn (60892)
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22 Jun 09
I am so sorry for your loss of Oreo. Sadly, the vaccine isn't 100% effective. I do think the vet should've tested for the FLuk, but since they have never (well, a GOOD vet should have never) claimed it was 100% I really don't think you have a case. That's not to say that you might not want to call and report the vet to whatever you have for an oversight commission for vets. What have you decided to do about the kitten? Do you still have her? I will say that no matter what you decide. After the sick cat is out of you house and before you get another cat, you will need to completely clean every place she's been. The virus sheds and survives a long time. Until the house is throughly cleaned, soft surfaces too, any other cat you bring in is in danger.
@doormouse (4619)
22 Jun 09
I think there are different types of feline leukemia and the vaccine only eliminates one type,don't quote me coz not one hundred percent sure.My cat had leukemia when i was younger,it's a horrible disease to have to watch your animal go through