Who is Nel-Tu Perfect Partner?

@threnos (216)
June 22, 2009 2:54pm CST
I am a big shipper and I was wondering whom everyone believes that Nel-Tu should be paired romantically with. When she's the older Nel, though. I think that she is cute with Ichigo but I'm torn because I like Ichigo with Rukia. I think that Grimmjow would be a cute love interest. I think it's kind of twisted but oh so cute. I haven't been able to find any doujinshi with the two, however. What's your opinion on the subject or do you just hate shipping altogether?
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• Brazil
4 Dec 09
HAhahah. Ow yeah! I am a big shipper too! xD And I think that grimmjow is a good partner to her. But, in my opinion, Nnoitra likes her (in secret or somethin'). It's weird, but i think they do a good couple too.