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Saint Lucia
June 22, 2009 6:05pm CST
I have this male neighbour who is like a parasite.He drops bye unannounced uninvited always talking loud.Each time he dropped by he always asked whether there is something he likes here.Drinks tea o juice like its his home.Now dont get me wrong.He has a farm and grows fruit and vegetables we like yet he never comes over offering us any yet he come and take from us.We asked him for some lime and he took forever to bring it over saying that he kept forgetting still he comes over.Well my daughters dad bought her a sing-a-long cd and this guy borowed it for his daughter and has not return it.every thing he borrows is the same thing,he keeps forgetting to return it.Last week i heard another neighbour asking him to return something he took at her home.Am i being sel-fish or what?
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@cream97 (29167)
• United States
25 May 10
Hi.friendship4lyfe. No. I don't have any neighbors like this. And if I did, I would not give them anymore things from my house. If they don't bother to return anything, then I will not let this person have anymore stuff. This person is very slack in borrowing things and not returning them. They need to stop coming over your home like that.
@olydove (1209)
• United States
20 Jul 09
I don't think you're being selfish at all. I had one neighbor before that would drive me crazy. He would come over unannounced, and walk right into my house like it was his place, go straight to the refrigerator and make himself at home so I would make excuses that I was going to leave soon, and he needed to go. It got to the point I had to keep my doors locked even when I was home. I finally just had to get the courage to tell him I felt uncomfortable with him coming over unannounced, and I'd rather he not come over anymore. I felt bad but I had to do it as I just didn't feel safe. I'm usually a very friendly person, and get along with people well, but people that like to automatically "make themselves at home" 5 minutes after you meet them do make me feel uncomfortable just because, well I guess it's a matter or manners and respect. Knowing boundaries etc. I currently have a neighbor that likes to show up unannounced but he doesn't bother me so much. He likes to come over just to chit chat, but there are plenty of times that he "borrows" things and forgets to return them. He at least knows his boundaries though and doesn't just walk right in and search the pantry. Usually when we ask for whatever it is he has borrowed he does bring it back. This one is not so selfish though he is always bringing us home made treats that his wife makes, or food that they know they just won't eat before the expiration date. So in most cases with him it is a mutual neighbor-ship as I like to call it. In fact we surprised them last night and took them over some goodies we cooked on the BBQ grill. What I would do is go over and knock on the door, and say something like " My daughter was asking me to listen to her CD, and I remembered that we lent it to you. Could we get it back?" Just be polite, and in the future when he asks to borrow something find a way to politely turn him down. Once he realizes that he's no longer a member of your lending tree my guess is he will probably quit coming around. It might take 4 or 5 times of rejection but he'll get the hint. Many times people of this nature once they can no longer mooch off of you, they find someone else to bother.
• United States
30 Jun 09
NO, I don't think you are being selfish at all.He sounds obnoxious. I think i would break him from coming to my house. I just wouldn't go to the door from now on. HE WOULD SURELY GET THE MESSAGE HE'S NOT WELCOME. gOOD LUCK.