mypage5. Does this site really pays up?

@nzalheart (2352)
June 22, 2009 6:58pm CST
Well recently I joined this site. This site is just like facebook. The difference is that it pays for the same thing we do in facebook. But I have little doubt does this site really pay or not? Is there anyone here who have been paid by this?
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• United States
23 Jun 09
I joined last week and tried to upload a video... it sat idleing for an hour and I gave up. This site is a little trashy and dosn't seem to have a lot going for it. The few reports I've heard about them paying says they pay but they don't pay out the amount they say they are going to.
@nzalheart (2352)
• India
24 Jun 09
Hello batakitten!!! Yes, I also have the same feeling. The site really looks trashy and loose design. It doesn't seem to be well organized. That's why I had the doubt. I have never seen any payment proof on mypage5 yet. But people say that mypage5 is the legit site. And I haven't heard anyone saying that mypage5 doesn't pay. For now I am not really active in that site. Because the payout seems to be the higher and it would be worthless of all the efforts if it turns out to be the scam. Let's see what others have to say on this. And thanks for your response... happy mylotting...