help!, DESKTOP electric consumption standard KWH/day?

@zearah (5287)
June 22, 2009 8:57pm CST
here in our home,i doubt on electric consumption currently i check the meter counter, whew! double than before. due to abrupt increase of electric consumption(no additional appliances),we concluded that meter counter failed to register the exact KWH, upon checking by the local light office they approved our complaint and installed a new meter counter with the seal of energy regulatory board in this country. big trouble, everyday since four days ago i check daily consumption at same time allotted, KWH daily with this new meter is even twice higher than previous. my father decided not to use some appliances often, minimize the time to minimize KWH, but i want to visit mylot regularly. and prove to father that it's not the desktop causes the higher consumption of electric. am i right? anybody can share their opinion on this. thank you so much!
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