the jokers are usually the sad ones.

@cainam (493)
June 22, 2009 11:53pm CST
i'm not sure if it's always true but usually those who always make people laugh are the one who are sad but they just keep it to themselves. i'm one of them. i always have jokes to say,i can easily make people laugh. i'm like this coz i want to forget problems even for a while. but when i'm finally alone, that's the time for me to cry.. do you know anyone like me? are you one of us?
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@julbau18 (273)
• Philippines
17 Jul 09
I also think so. They laugh others but they are sad. It's okay to let others happy in that way you're also entertaining yourself to be happy. I am not a joker so I dont think of it. I used to let others be happy by just the thoughts I have in my mind. But not really what you called as joker.
• United States
28 Jun 09
I thought i was the only one..... I'm exactly the same I have so many friends I too can make people laugh easily my teachers, peers, family, and friends find me hilarious but what they don't know is as soon as I'm alone I'm so sad, they don't know i hurt i hide it so well.......
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
I believe in that saying and many comedy actors and actresses, including stage actors and carnival performers are pretty good in masking their real personality and they are pretty good on it. They have their own problems just like any normal people. But, because of their jobs and to keep it as a sign of being professional in their field. They tend to disregards their real feeling and keep it private. I am like you, when my family have already their own problem. I do not add anymore and seems relax. I seek solace in my own peaceful world and take it, solve it in my own ways.