What causes woman become lesbian?

June 22, 2009 11:54pm CST
Dear friend, I wonder what causes woman become lesbian? whether they are really really hurt so they does not want to accept man for a lovers, I hope you are won't mind to discuss so we can help them...
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• Philippines
17 Sep 09
hello rcrachman, lesbian speaking here..hehe...but for me, in my experience, i don't know i am lesbian till one lesbian is showing me her interest in becoming my boyfriend or girlfriend as other may say... since im young, i dont have interest of guys...i find them as nothing, same as me or just friends, im not like other girls who will say "he is cute" or something like that...but girls and lesbian attract my attention more...
• United States
21 Jul 09
i am a lesbian so i am speaking for just me... i have been with men and i always had the attraction to other women, what caused me to become a full lesbian is the first time i was with a woman i got everything i have ever wanted love wise from her that i never got from a man. women know whan women want and if they can get that from someone that is the same gender as them then they will take it. but my main thing is i love the essence of a woman and feel complete with another woman i could not ask for more
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
Many causes women to become lesbians...It can be hereditary in nature, meaning when you were born, you already have that preference...Others become lesbian because of their environment, they become to expose with boys that they also want to become one.