how do you evaluate your life at present?

June 23, 2009 4:39am CST
hi, my lotters. one of my best friends is going to be married this weekend. i receive his invitation to join his wedding feast. i am so happy to hear of his marrage. also i am a little sad for me. almost two third of my friends at my age are married or planning to have a marriage. but i still alone. one year ago, the girl of my first love married my former rival and they now lived in a big city thousands of miles away. i am so sad to hear about this that i cannot recover in nearly one month. i don't think i am a loser, but i admit i surelly don't do the best to pursue the life i want. i am suffering from my laziness and frustration because i still want to struggle for my dream. do you ever feel your dream is far away from you and which seems never will be fulfilled? do you appreciate your life at present? how would you do if you in the same situation like me? thanks you for your answer.
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@ucue2008 (926)
• Malaysia
24 Jun 09
There is a word : laziness and frustration". I also have that terrible diseases, but somehow you and me need to admit, in order to have what we want, we have to take control of our life, and laziness and frustration need to get out from our life. I still not satisfied with my life. I only begin to know that life is great if you want it to be, and life is also hard, so, must keep positive and believe in your ownself.
• China
26 Jun 09
thanks for your comments. i think people will always suffer a lot as long as they are not satisfied with their current life. i agree with you that enjoy the current life is a responsible attitude towards the whole life journey of us. but keep positive and stick to your dream, the life will become better and better, am i right? happy mylot!!
• India
23 Jun 09
Dont weary benjamin u will also get married soon because the date is fixed their we are just celibrating here ok dont weary be happy
• China
24 Jun 09
thank you for your warm consolation. i think your are right. i will find my true love one day. your comment give me a big release. thank you. happy myloter!