I am owed £500 (around $800)

June 23, 2009 6:26am CST
My boyfriend owes me £500 and he is making no effort to pay it back I don't really know what to do He gets so stroppy about it when I mention it to him because he also still has to pay back his mum for going to New York last Christmas. Oh and by the way, he doesn't even know how much he owes her as he refuses to ask, the whole situation is just so casual as his mum earns alot of money so she doesn't seem to mind when it's paid back So here I am with hardly any money, my boyfriend owing me £500 and by the way he only earns £280 a month, £60 of which automatically goes on travel. I just feel like something in this whole thing isn't fair but the moment I try and explain that he needs to sort things out with his mum he gets stroppy and won't listen. He has owed me this money since the beginning of the year pretty much and paid back £50 of it a few months ago but then immediatly asked for it back because his mum needed the money arghhh! He just keeps spending his money on games and dvds and all that stuff he doesn't really need to buy and I said to him when I lent him the money that he will still be able to buy stuff like this just as long as he works out a plan to pay each of us a bit back each month so it's fair but he seems to just have ignored this idea and is doing whatever he wants. He works out what he wants to buy himself before pay day and doesn't seem to realise the sacrifises I am making for him by him having nearly all my money I just don't even know where to begin to sort this whole thing out. I love him and don't like to see him get upset about this whole situation which I know he is as he says he hates borrowing money and doesn't like talking about it Any ideas on this are welcome!! I am trying so hard to figure out a way to sort this out without him getting upset!! Please tell me there's something I can do other than just wait months and months for this money to come back again!
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@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
23 Jun 09
You can exhort him to pay the money within 2 weeks and if he does not fulfil your demand you can contact an organization with legal knowledge ( don't pay for it though because advice only should always be free I believe) and ask them what you can do. Good luck mate