Sensationalism in media

United States
June 23, 2009 7:24am CST
As of late, Media is behind sensationalism i.e, sensational news which are a common fodder to Media and which drive the sales of their respective magazines/TABLOID. Recently, in india, an upcoming Indian Actor raped his maid and this kickstarted a serious of over reactions which I was dumbfounded and I think unwarranted. First, Woman commission reacted by saying that they will investigate this matter "specially". The same commission does not speak a word when a normal man rapes his maid. Also, Labour department got into action by saying that it will take action if somebody files a complaint. If the same incident done by a layman or a normal man, this kind of over reactions will not be there. More so, Media will just mention it as a Page 6 or Crime section in a small corner.
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