In harry potter, which part do you like the most????

June 23, 2009 11:15am CST
I like half blood prince....what do you like????
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@tjdas83 (178)
• Malaysia
14 Sep 09
I agree with you guys that book 6 (HBP) was the best in the series. It was the book where the plot starts to reveal itself and some of the unanswered questions were answered. It was really interesting to read about Tom Riddle past and his transformation journey into Voldermort. It is also the book dedicated to Snape's character (being the title) which is one of the most interesting and complexed characters ever written in any novels. My second favorite would be book 4 cause it was so action-packed and full of interesting twists that makes J.K Rowling as an excellent writer of another level.
• India
13 Sep 09
If you talk about books, Half Blood Prince is the best. If you talk about movies, Prisoner of Azkabaan was the best.