Here are few of the most unpleasant embarassing moments in a persons life:

@Azaerus (821)
June 23, 2009 12:40pm CST
1.In my observation I guess this first one is the most embarassing thing that could happen to a person,it's what we all call "FART". I mean hey,everybody do release gas but not in public,ofcourse it will be really embarassing to fart infront of everybody. But what if suddenly you can't hold it anymore..hehe..only who knows what will happen next to thing you'll know you'll be the talk of the town.. 2.Here comes the next,I guess we're all familiar with this one..the ever famous unpleasant odor coming out of the armpit..when one has a bad odor the usual thing is people stay away from that person which is really embarassing..especially if you're a girl..better maintain a proper hygiene.. 3.Ofcourse whatelse,if there's the armpit then there's the old smelly stinky feet..most common among men..I remember this one time I have to sleepover at a friends house,when suddenly everybody blurt out when one of our friend removed his shoes..OMG!!his feet really do stink like hell..ofcourse he's been teased for quite a while but we figured out we help him cure this thing..LOL!!
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