Chatting online : a Plus or a Minus?

June 23, 2009 7:28pm CST
Nowadays chatting online is growing in popularity among the youth.They like to sharing their happiness and sadness by talking with Net pals. What if you needed to call someone abroad but were intimidated by the steep fees? What if you wanted to shop but got tired of searching and bargaining? what if you felt lonely tonight but had no one to talk to? "get online"- this may be the first answer that flashes through many youth's mind if a computer is at hand, and they have good reasons for that. to sum up, personnally, chatting online can bring us more conveniences and friend. Although it has problems, we should not give up these benefits because of that, just as we cannot "give up eating for fear of choking."
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• United States
24 Jun 09
I agree with what you say, But an online friend normally never actually becomes your friend. Take it from me i have a bunch of online friends who dont even say hello to me.
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@lovedude (4454)
• India
24 Jun 09
Yeah, you are absolutely right.. I totally agree that now a days Chatting is become so habitual that people forget to take lunch, dinner or sleep and that cause damage to their health, otherwise it is the best option to introduction to someone who is living in another country, talk with them and get knowledge of various places. but however every technology has two sides. positive and negative.. it depends upon the person how to use it..
• China
16 Feb 11
It depends what did you chat online if it is related with the work, study, and the development of oneself, it is an efficiency way to get the most infomation and ideas. it does not have the limit of the time and space. if just chat sth meaningless online it will be a waste of time and energy of the both paties.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 12
We may chat with anyone online, but one thing for sure is we should not forget that we also have some people in real life whom we can chat with.. Never let our online life disturb our real life..
@jugsjugs (13044)
23 Sep 12
I think that sometimes chattting online is a bonus, as that way you do not have to go visit people to chat to them and if you have skype then you can also see the person that you are chatting to.I know sometimes when people call I wish I could just ask them to leave, so that I can rest, where as when I am online I can just switch off and rest.
@hsofyan (3448)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
24 Jun 09
Cyber world is the other side of life, an additional activity in life. Many things in the cyber world that is not obtainable in the real world, but there are things in the real world that is not in the cyber world. Chat is part of that. Certainly can be useful if used correctly, although we can not physically interact. Happy chatting..