Money Issues

United States
June 23, 2009 8:41pm CST
Any good tips or advice to save money? Here is what I have would love to hear more: Cut Coupons Don't eat out Buy Generic Unplug unnessary devices
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• Philippines
29 Jun 09
Try to have plan for your monthly expenses by listing all your priority needs and assign cost for each item. Remember that you have to work out your monthly expenses to fit your existing monthly income and should not be the other way around wherein you try to have all your luxuries and end up with so much debt. Here are some pointers in saving money for your family: 1. If you have air conditioner, try to set the thermostat to a temperature matching to the standard air temperature just enough to prevent you from sweating and not to have a very cold room because your are just wasting the energy consumed by the unit. 2. Do not buy car if you don't have a budget for the maintenance. Prefer to commute or buy a motorbike if going to work. 3. Invest on elevated watertank rather than maintaing your air compressed water tank to minimized the pump from frequent running which actually contributes more on your electrical bill. 4. Operate your AC only when it's hot and have all your family members inside the room to maximize the use.
• United States
26 Jun 09
01. Try shopping at your local thrift stores. Bargains are great there. I'm not ashamed to say it's one one my favorite stores. 02. Try browse for sites that gives away freebies. There are a lot of companies out there who send out samples of their products (laundry detergent, diapers,formula, pads, shampoo, soaps, etc...) and all for free. If your lucky they may send full sized products. I've saved hundreds of dollars on freebies. It may not seem much at first but it all adds up. You may want to look into that. 03. Don't ever to forget to bring those coupons the next time you go grocery shopping. Last month I bought $213.92 worth of groceries for only $52.28. You'll be amazed. But it's best to use the coupon when it's already on sale. For instance a hand soap is usually priced at $1.25 and you save a save $.25 coupon.... so of course you'll get it for only a $1.00... but if you catch it when it goes on sale for only $0.99 then of course you'll get it for only $0.74 so yes you get extra savings. 04. If you can't find good coupons in your local paper, find it online. My opinion is the best ones are online. hope this helps. happy mylotting ; )
@Bearballew (1149)
• United States
24 Jun 09
Have a left over day and STICK to it!! It will mean one less meal to buy, 4 less a month, 52 less meals a year! That will add up to a couple $100!! When storing leftovers, keep them in the freezer. This way 1. they won't go bad and 2. you won't be tempted to go out to eat on leftover night because you tossed all the yucky leftovers. We have leftover night every wekk. The whole family knows what day it is. We often call it "Buffet Eating". Seems more glamourous than leftovers. It has saved us a TON of money because we don't usually even eat all the leftovers and you might get 2 meals a week out of them! Happy Saving!
@cbantly (236)
• United States
24 Jun 09
Many people don't realize how much they truly spend. Try this for one month: Write down all of your expenses (or keep all the receipts). You may be amazed at the amount of gas you put in the car or the amount of food you eat out. You may not be dining out, it may be drinks or other small purchases that add up! If your gas is real high, then check the tire pressure and make sure you are getting the best gas mileage you can. Be careful about how much you drive, in other words do errands in the same area together. Make a conscious effort to reduce every single bill you can. Can your cellphone be on a different plan? Better yet, get with 2-3 friends and share a cellphone plan (each with your own line) will be cheaper! Do you need to get extreme? Cut off the cable! Get a part-time job and put the money straight into savings.