oh no!

June 23, 2009 11:12pm CST
Its horrible, shocking news. Im devastated. I was playing my nintendo ds, one of the original nintendo ds's, not to be confused with a nintendo ds lite. And then i receaved a message on MSN. I placed the ds on my stomach as i had my feet up to make my gaming experience comfortable. but as i leant over to reach the keyboard my ds dropped. Now, earlier that day i noticed a crack going through one of the small parts that connect the nintendo ds screen to the rest of the ds. But after dropping it i noticed that it had snapped off. Now the ds screen is hanging on via only one connecter. It is still playable but the screen is all wobbly and goes on obscene angles. If it was just a simple matter of going and buying a new (and more than likely better) ds then that would be fine. But since i go on nintendo wifi all the time its devastating. All my wifi games are registered under that ds. I know it saves most of the information to the card, but things like usernames and for some games (e.g. with new disney games comging with dgamer, like an instant messenger for other players using disney games) it has some "guest" names saved to the ds. Now what can i do? It gets mildly annoying having to hold the screen up the right way with my pinkey. What happens if im playing an intense game that requires my full hands????
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@rad140 (52)
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25 Apr 11
Nintendo might repair it if you send it, but be prepared to pay a ton. I think you can transfer most settings like that between DS's.