Why type of food you prefer, JUNK food, Veg, Non-Veg?

June 24, 2009 12:52am CST
Many now a days prefer junk food, rather than the tradiational food stuffs, which all of us know is not very healthy. What is your preference and why?
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@kmaram (2535)
• Philippines
24 Jun 09
Before i always eat junkfoods but now i lessen eating it because its really not good for our health. When i was pregnant its was found out that i have UTI and the reason is that eating too much junk foods. So i lessen to eat that and as much as i can't eat i do. Now i am prefer to eat more vegetables, and some fruits because its really a great help regarding our health. I hope i can stop eating junkfoods and do eat right food now, i dont want to suffer again with any illness regarding eating junkfoods, but its really delicious hahah!
• India
24 Jun 09
Sad to know you suffered due to your eating habits. what is UTI?? Of course its very delicious, thats why many of us are dying to eat it. But i feel its okay to have junk food once in a week or so, after all its not poison what we are eating
• Ghana
24 Jun 09
I prefer junk food. It tastes much better...and I just like. Many people say that junk food is really unhealthy and it will make you fat..this is true if you eat to much of it. I know how to control the amount of food that I eat so this getting fat issue will not have much of an affect on me.
@laurahen (596)
• Canada
24 Jun 09
I feel better if I eat healthy food but i do really enjoy junk food. In terms of junk food i like to eat chips, chocolate, and candy. I also really like to do my own baking because i know what is in the food i'm making. I think that eating junk food in small doses is good for everyone.