the current indian squad dont know hwo to sweep.great going men in blue.

June 24, 2009 4:46am CST
hi friends.since the last 2 so called T 20 tournaments,IPL and world T20 showed one thing.[b]good spinners are more effective than the quickies.botha,vander merve,ajmal,afridi,murali,mendis,etc. ask any cricket expert which is the most effective shot against the spinners,they will answer SWEEP SHOT in unison. you have been watching the current indian ODI and T20 squad play for atleast the last 5 months and the only sweep shot they play is the SLOG sweep which is not as safe as normal sweep.even sachin has been doing this slog sweep which hurts me. we call ourselves as the best players of spinners in the world and yet cant play the best shot against spinners.if you doubt my statement about sweep being the best shot against spin,ask hayden.he used that shot way too much in the series against india and scored heavily.
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@pratik87 (1928)
• India
25 Jun 09
ever since the first t20 championship in south Africa we have found out that spinners play an important role in t20 cricket. harbhajan played a big hand when we won the first world cup. it was the case in this year's ipl and the t20 world cup as well. spinners have dominated at times. the sweep shot is an effective shot and also the most dangerous shot to play against a spinner. if the batsmen misses the spin then he is most likely to be given out leg before wicket unless he is playing it from outside the off stump. yuvraj singh plays the sweep shot. but most Indian batsmen prefer to use their feet against the spinners and i do not think Indian batsmen have any problem as such against spinners.sachin tendulkar played the slog sweep wonderfully in the ipl. i liked it. we saw in the last test series against Australia we got wickets when Australian batsmen tried to sweep.
• India
24 Jun 09
I dont think the current Indian team is anywhere near dominating the game,with the exception of sachin,laxman and dravid.The current players just blindly play the ball and their only intention is to hit the ball no matter where it is bowled.