Weight loss via GM diet plan

@nehaagra (849)
June 24, 2009 5:08am CST
Hi all , Have you heard about GM diet plan for weight loss. Its a 1 week diet, n claims that you can lose upto 5 kgs in a week. Heard that its also good for detoxication of the body , and can be done even if u do not wanna wt. loss. I tried it once , but couldn't complete it fully, within 5 days, i started cheating , did lost 2 kgs though, but in few weeks gained that back too.. Have anyone here tried it out? If yes, howaz your experience, how much weight did you loose??
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• Malaysia
27 Jun 09
Hi nehaagra, thanks for sharing your info. But could you share the diet plan of GM here. I want to know too!
@trickiwoo (2703)
• United States
24 Jun 09
Losing 5 kgs in a week is the easy part! Not immediately gaining it back is difficult! 1 week diets are great if you want to lose some weight for something in the short term and you don't mind gaining the weight right back as soon as it's ove... Like you have a one time tv appearance, or you want to lose a little bit of weight for your wedding to look good in your dress, or you have a beach vacation planned and you have a really cute bikini you want to wear. But if you want to change the way you look in the long-run, a 1 week diet isn't going to cut it! You need to completely change your lifestyle permanently!