making random "friends"

June 24, 2009 7:28am CST
I just had dinner in one of the high-end malls in the Philippines. Just before as I was about to sit down, this guy helped me bring my stuff. Of course this was a very kind gesture, as I was bringing a lot of things with me. After helping me, I said "thank you". Then just as I sat down, I saw him smile like - "do I continue talking to this girl" because hello, he stopped beside my chair and smiled. So after a while after buying his food, he asked if ever I was with anyone. And then I said, "No". Then he asked, "May I sit with you"? Then I said, "Okay". I mean ya, I've made random friends in different scenarios, with different kinds of people. But this guy gave me a different vibe, kind of creepy/weird vibe. So even though I wanted to savor every taste of the food I bought, I hurriedly ate then after, I said to him "I'll go ahead". HAHAHA. I was paranoid, I even thought he was going to follow me or something. Thank goodness he did not. So my question to you guys/girls out there: 1. Do you choose who to make random friends with? Why or Why not? 2. If you do, what do you consider? 3. Have you experienced this as well? What happened?
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@lvjunjie (80)
• China
24 Jun 09
From my own experience , I haven't come across suchyou things . Very often we may think that we should be careful when we talked with people especially the strangers .To some extent ,that 's right .For the truth is that ,the initial act of conversation is not going to be easy .So the first and most important thing is we need some time to adapt some guys like what you have showed .I think with time roll by ,you will find if he or she is a real kindhearted person . That is to say ,we don't tend to talk with them who just have a fast contact with us .Safety comes first .Be careful !