Work with annoying people?

@lulu1220 (1010)
United States
June 24, 2009 8:52am CST
Does anyone here work with annoying people? Some people that I deal with are...There is a man that likes to talk about sports a lot and he reads his e-mails out loud. Another man likes to laugh loudly but his laugh sounds like a cackle sometimes. A woman who used to make caffeinated coffee in the decaf pot. People that talk on their cell phones in the restroom and then get mad when they hear another toilet flush.
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• China
15 Aug 09
Where I work, i do not hate the people, because we all get along very good. We all help each other, perhaps, some people's behavior, make you feel uncomfortable, but as long as he does not affect your work, then regardless of his/her what to do, it is his/her freedom, I have no right to interfere. However, where I work, everyone is very friendly we all help each other.
@jt1981 (126)
• United States
30 Jun 09
i worked with the most annoying person on earth. she would ignore me if i tried to ask her something, yet she expected me to do things to help her out. like, if i was walking past her chair, she would just hand me a file, like she expected me to put it away simply because i was already up. and she wouldn't even ask! mind you, i had seniority over her, so it's not like she was my boss or anything. she was rude to patients. as soon as she thought a patient was out of earshot, she'd start making fun of them. one time she made fun of a deaf lady who she thought talked funny. another time she did this to a man who had obviously fake teeth that she thought looked bad. i don't see why she had to be so mean all the time. she also did all of her wedding planning at work while i would sit there and answer the phone and deal with patients. she even told patients about her wedding. one of them was nice enough to bring her something she said she needed. she took it and smiled, and as soon as the lady left she said "i'm not using this, it smells like smoke." she's very selfish and very annoying.
• Malaysia
25 Jun 09
I have been working for about 5 years, and so far I have not met with any annoying people yet. All those that I deal with in works are nice, friendly and also helpful. Eventhough sometimes I heard some gossip from other colleagues talking about other's annoying behaviour, but I am ok with it as long as he/she doesn't disturb me.
@denise002 (444)
• Australia
24 Jun 09
I have a girl i work with who is so irritating because she tries so hard to be the boss' "pet" she will always point out things she has done to make sure she gets credit for it and picks up tiny things about me and other co-workers and goes and tells the boss instead of just approaching us about it. she is the type of girl who will do anything for browny points. very annoying