A big Hi !!! to Mylotters who are the lone representators of their entire nation

@rajeshfgh (1627)
June 24, 2009 11:06am CST
I was just browsing through the Mylot population chart and was like Oh my God!!! 15 nations are such that they have only one member each here in Mylot. Imagine being a single representative representing your entire country. It is just fantastic. My big HI!!! to everyone of them and would like to hear more from them. Please post discussions and let us know which country you belong to. The list goes: 1) Nauru 2) Cook Islands 3) French Polynesia 4) Timor-Leste Timor-Leste 5) Antartica 6) Chad 7) Comoros 8) Congo 9) Mauritania 10) Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 11) Montserrat 12) St. Helena St. Helena 13) British Indian Ocean Territory 14) Cocos (Keeling) Islands 15) Armed Forces Pacific Armed Forces Pacific I must admit that I have not heard some of these names at all and hence the interest in knowing about them through the lone members. Please tell us Mylotter something about yourself.
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