Financial aid for international students in Environmental engineering in KTH

June 3, 2006 9:40am CST
Hello.My name is Tadese Alemseged.I am a male ethiopian civil engineer.I have got an admission from Royal institute of tchnology in department of environmental engineering and sustainable infrastructure for the entry of augest 15,2006 .In the application form I had applied to SI scholarship and I send my thesis proposal too . The si announce me on MAY 29 that the proposal was so good but due to shear volume of applicants,they are not ready to awarded the scholar for the entry year of augest 2006. That's why I am seeking the scholarship inorder to attend the study starting at the end of augest.You know my country,it's the poorest country in the world. 85 % of the urban population of Ethiopia lives in inhuman, unhigenic and confined conditions. Their housing situation lacks infrastructure and is dominated by “chicka” type of construction (traditional construction method with mud and wood). The population growth of 2.8% per year and the accelerated migration to urban centers (6% and more per year) have dramatically increased the demand for affordable, decent housing. To solve problem , our government plans to construct about 50,000 low cost houses per year and the environmental considerations are focused only on positive environmental impact consisting of a reduced consumption of wood as no wooden formwork are used during construction. However there are different problems that would happen in the future in using this newly designed condominium houses related to culture, habit of resident that would cause serious negative environmental impact.The objective of this research is to undertake a detailed investigation on negative environmental impact of condominium houses of urban Ethiopia. MY study will try to solve the problem of :- 1.Appropriate neighborhood planning consideration to create a healthy community. 2 .Waste water treatment planning and implementation on the level of the whole settlement cost reduction. 3.In reduction of pollution of the environment caused by poor maintenance of individual septic tank and soak away pits. 4.Re-usage of classified waste water as fertilizer for irrigation in urban agriculture to use properly the ecological and economical potential of waste water. 5.prepare method which avoid the use of air conditioning by appropriate climate adopted housing design hence the future consumption of electrical power and financial expenses can be reduced. To solve the problem I select the department .I select sweden because I know in almost all cases, tuition is free, it still costs to live in Sweden. There are a number of ways I can get funding to help me afford my stay: So please let me know how to get companies,institutions or other financial aid resources that might help me to study my course in KTH,stockholm,sweden.
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