how many of you are like me in this situation?

United States
June 25, 2009 5:10pm CST
I fond getting sleep very difficult. there are days that i am exhausted and a good 5 hours will fully refresh me, then there are days where im not tired at all but i will need a full 7 hours that night in order not to be tired the next day. I find if i sleep 5 hours or less i have a better day the next day, an easier morning, and just feel more awake, and i find that if i sleep over 7 hours i will wake up, tired, with a splitting headache that will lieterally last until i fall asleep again that nexxt night.. I am usually tired after about 3pm, and more so on the days that i dont do anything or go anywhere, yet the days that im on the go all day i feel drained but not like i need rest... my husband likes to make fun of me because he can literelly sleep for days straight, not even getting up to use the rest room, me however i have to get up all night long to urinate. And on days like mothers day where he will make me breakfast in bed and what not to let me sleep while he tends to the kids, i have to force myself to fall back asleep, which again in turn causes a headache..
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• China
25 Jun 09
Hey, i have a time getting asleep difficult too. At that time i am too tired the full day, and i have too much pressure. I think you should release your presure and drink a cup of milk before sleep.