Michael Jackson - Dead!!!

@RawBill1 (8542)
Gold Coast, Australia
June 25, 2009 5:40pm CST
This news is very sad, but all the news regarding him has been sad for many years. Perhaps it is best that he is gone and can be in peace. Now everyone can remember the positives about him! What are your thoughts??
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@jarael (666)
5 Jul 09
i was watchin the news when it happened and i started crying and shaking, i couldnt take it in, i still cant take it in. i cry everytime i try to sing his songs its so sad. hopefully now yes he can rest in peace.
@RawBill1 (8542)
• Gold Coast, Australia
5 Jul 09
Hi Jarael, it was very emotional to se on the TV. I first heard of it in Tera chat, Jo and Bella were talking about it, so then I went and turned on the TV.
• Indonesia
10 Jul 09
He is the best in his music style, I like his music and songs since I was a kid. How he explored his talents in music and to be someone (King of Pop) was very great n impressed! we will missed him! Hope, he was rest in peace now!