If one day you wake up in a forest what will you do?

June 26, 2009 5:52am CST
We have all adjusted ourselves well in this modern civilization. If one day you are stranded in a deep forest of an unknown region, what will you do? I know this question is absurd, but we have to hope for the best and we must expect the worse. This incident can happen to anyone.... What will you do in this situation..../
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@a_manick (880)
• India
26 Jun 09
I wont get panic.Because this is the situation i am craving for.Away from hustles and bustles ,away from all sorts of disturbances. I will take a stroll,try to fix the map of the forest so that when i am hungry or thirsty i can get some thing to relish me.As far as possible i will try to admire the nature,even try to meditate and at last when i feel bored i would try to come back.
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• United States
26 Jun 09
The very first thing I would do is climb a high tree so I can see what is around me, such as a river or lake. That's where I would head to first. Next would be to make a shelter of some sorts. Walking along, I would look for vegetation that I could eat and maybe pick up certain items along the way, such as things I could use as a weapon, tool, anything of use. Maybe try to find something I could use for a hook to fish, if there's water available. I would try to find something to make a fire with also, although I highly doubt I could do it, but I'd certainly try something. What a scary thought though, to be lost in the woods, all by yourself. But I do hope someone's looking for me, lol!
@prinzcy (5058)
• Malaysia
26 Jun 09
I think I can try to survive considering I already live in a village. I'll I need to do is to find a river or stream. Eventually it will lead to a village or something. Even if it's not, river can provide me with food and drink. Finding a shelter and make fire are important too. I think I might miss Internet connection and computer though...
@flyisky (196)
• China
26 Jun 09
Wow, what a terrible situation! Well, if I wake up in a unknown forest, the first thing to do is to find food. Without food, I can do nothing. Then find a place to rest. Next,um, I don`t know how to deal with the unexpected things.