Low Cost/Free Date Ideas?

United States
June 26, 2009 9:53am CST
I know the most important thing is spending time together, so therefore the cost of the date can't matter too much. I've been thinking for a while now, about "free" and "low-cost" date ideas...I haven't been able to come up with too many. I've come up with Star Gazing in a secluded area, Fishing, Mudding, Camping, & Cooking a meal together. What are your ideas?
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@rainmark (4306)
26 Jun 09
Free and low-cost date could be helpful these days specially if you can't afford to have a posh date. Im thinking going for a picnic and camping with homemade foods. Or having a bbq at the beach at night while watching stars, that sounds romantic hehehe. Cheers.
• United States
26 Jun 09
I agree. the beach idea sounds quite fabulous. Thanks!! :)
• India
26 Jun 09
There are a lot of ideas to a low cost date. After all, as you said, its the time we spend with our loved ones that matters. Hold hands and go for a walk. Buy an ice cream cone, just one. Don't make it expensive, the little ones which we used o eat when we were at school. Share it, fight over it, have fun. Go on a beach, make sand castles. Go in a park, join small kids and play with them ! Swing your partner on a swing in a park. (for guys !) Take him to your place, dim the lights, put on some music and dance. Phew, can't think of anything else as of now...