Have you ever encountered such problem?

June 27, 2009 3:29am CST
About 12 hours ago, I got into an unexpected trouble. Since I wanted to know if there was new responses in a discussion I participated in, I simply refreshed the page of the discussion, my response also there. It's nothing wrong to do so, right? I did same actions smany times before; but you know what happened? A repetition of my response came out! I was surprisingly confused and I thought it must be some server error so I refreshed the webpage again to see if the repeated post would disappear. It made things worse. The second repetition appeared and I've got all together 3 same responses in that discussion! I am wondering what causes the trouble. What I did is a simple refresh...... How do you think about it? Have you ever encountered such problem ?
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@James72 (26829)
• Australia
27 Jun 09
I've had responses double up before, but never from page refereshing! Usually it's because I think a response didn't load properly, so I'll re-submit it and then find that it's been repeated. On a number of other occasions, I've had an error message show up and then when I go back to the discussion I find my comments have posted twice. Again though, I've never had it happen just from refreshing the page and I refresh pages all the time when I'm watching a particular discussion. Strange things often happen here that's for sure, but this one's a first for me to be hearing about!
• China
28 Jun 09
Hi, James, just like you, I've never heard about it before. It's so odd! If I re-submitted the post as you did before, I can understand the result, while it's only refreshing......Now I even dare not to refresh the discussion If my comment happen to be the last one.The trouble happened in such circumstances......LOL
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