Release Your Mind to Release Your Stress

@bang323 (103)
June 27, 2009 9:40pm CST
We all experience stress at some point during our lives and even throughout the day. The important issue is how long you hold on to that stress before you decide to let it go and give yourself a much needed break. Well one technique that has proved itself to be very helpful is very simply letting the mind go. The peace and overall sense of well being that this offers is actually very powerful and is rather like daydreaming yet it takes you deeper. Obviously the practice itself is very personal and what works for me may not work for you. The technique is so simple that it is very easy to adapt to your own system and can be used anywhere and at any time no matter what the situation. It is also so simple that it can be dismissed as ineffective. However, for me it works wonders. You need something that is deep. The ocean is obvious and so is the sky. It should be a blue sky with no clouds to truly appreciate the depth. It may also be a clear starry sky or a deep lake or even a painting that has depth and perspective. If you are really stuck then a dark coloured carpet or even wall will work. In other words you want something in which you can completely lose yourself. Very simply stare deep into your chosen subject and let your mind go completely free. Deliberately relax all your muscles and joints and limbs and completely and totally surrender to the depths that are in front of you. Do not focus on your stress, do not try to release it or solve whatever problem you may have just let everything go. Problem, solution, stress, ideas, notions, judgements just let them all drop away and allow your free mind to expand and flow into the very depths of the universe. The sensation you want is the same sense of relief you experience when you finally put the bags of groceries down after carrying them home. You want that same feeling but you want your mind to feel it. Perhaps visualise carrying a very heavy object and then mentally just drop it. As you do so "drop" all your limbs and muscles and joints. Unclench your jaw and allow even your eyes to relax as you then stare deep into the cosmos. This may sound like a very simple technique. Well it is and it works wonders. Even when you are not faced with anything stressful you can use this method just for the sheer joy of it. It only needs to be for a minute or so to get a quick respite during your working day. It can be used as you lay in bed. Perhaps paint a mural on your ceiling or place a poster there for you to disappear into and explore the surroundings. So take time out daily and spontaneously to release your mind and release your stress. Yes it is simple but that is the beauty. You do not have to think about it; you just release and flow and extend.
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